Many artist and musicians look for ways to invest time, money, and passion into their music. They value the best equipment and software that will produce a high quality sound and song to be distributed around businesses, online, as well as other venues that generate revenue. I have listed three valuable tools that have helped me produce well-rounded tracks.
Pro Tools is a professional digital audio workstation that is used to record and edit music, (Pro tools, 2011). I have been using it since 2003 and it has helped me mix and master tracks that I've recorded within the software. You can also create your own sounds. In the new version of Pro Tools 9, for the first time, it has added aggregate devices, which allows more than one interface to be used at the same time, (Pro Tools 9, 2011). For the complete version of Pro Tools 9, it runs $599.00 (avid, 2011).

Equipment can range on the price depending on how much money is available. Purchasing a top-of-the line keyboard such as a Roland PhantomYamaha Motif, or a Korg Triton can range between $2,300-$3,300 (Guitarcenter, 2011). These keyboards are used to produce sounds, beats, and other instrumental sounds that create tracks and other features such as commercials, soundtracks, and more. 

Having the knowledge to create is the best asset in producing music. Many people are born with an ear for music; others attend college and universities to develop a background in audio engineering and other musical fields. I attended Texas Tech University majoring in music with a minor an audio engineering. Recently I received my Master of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. 

I feel that these three tools have led me to develop a broader technique for producing music. If you (as a producer, artist, or individual) can save money and invest in equipment and software that you need, and invest your time and mind into education, then you will have the knowledge, background, and tools that will help you produce well-rounded tracks. 

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