Knowledge is Power

Artist, musicians, and entertainers dream of becoming famous in the entertainment business. Some try to learn the business on their own, while others pursue a higher education such as internships and college. Knowledge is Power. Here are a couple of schools that I believe or great assets to achieving a career within entertainment. 

Full Sail University, located in Winter Park, Florida, is devoted to educating students in artmusicfilmdigital arts, and other careers that help when entering the entertainment business. The school provides a hands-on education working with top of the line equipment. The school is set to offer "real world" experience (Full Sail).  Full Sail allows students the ability to create their own artistic style and bring it to life through projects during the courses that are studied. Full Sail also offers online classes for students who are already involved in the media or just can't move to Orlando. Full Sail is the school I currently attend and I believe that it has bettered my education in entertainment business.

The University of Miami is another school I recommend for advancing education within the entertainment field. The Frost School of Music (UofM Music department) offers over 10 different programs specializing in music that will help create the right path for students. UofM also offers over 5 programs in film including an M.F.A in Motion Picture Screenwriting. The Motion Picture program helps students understand the effective creation of moving images and screenwriting (UofM).

The University of North Texas is a comprehensive music school with the largest enrollment of any music institution accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (UNT). It is the first school to offer degree programs in Jazz studies. UNT has over 36,000 students and approximately one-third of all North Texas music students have been enrolled at the graduate level (UNT). They also offer over 20 College of Music summer workshops that help increase students' knowledge in music as a whole. 

Berklee School of Music located in Boston, Massachusetts, is the largest independent music college in the world (Berklee). I believe that if a student is accepted into this school that they've increased there chances of making a better music career for themselves. Berklee offers music degrees in film scoring, music production and engineering, music therapy and many more degrees that are a valuable asset when entering the entertainment business. The schools mission is to educate, train, and develop students to excel in music as a career and I feel that they have achieved this goal. 

In conclusion, Knowledge is Power. Knowing what it takes to make it in this industry will help you move above and beyond other individuals. Passion, commitment, and motivation will help when striving for your goals, but education is the key to success.  

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