Girlfriends and Music

Is it cool to have a girlfriend in the industry? I think so... It's just hard. Many artist write from the affection that they have between a connection with another person. At the same time, many artist write about the break-up of a relationship and what they got out of the experience. Sometimes relationships can end in a good way were the two partners are still friends but, sometimes it can end with a lot of drama.

For Instance, Nelly and Ashanti
Through out the years of hip-hop, people have been confused on whether these two were considered a couple. Even though they never said they were official, fans around the world believed that they had something going on. Both of them have made music about each other and are always seen out together having a great time. Now, rumor has it, Nelly and Ashanti were never officially together and only kept a platonic relationship between themselves

Usher and Chili were considered to be the best couple in the music industry. There love for each other was shown through out lyrics in each others music. But, when the break-up came, the music they shared with their fans changed. Usher came out with an album entitled Confessions, a cd that contained songs about his relationship with chili. One of the songs on the album entitled "Burn," opened up the eyes of fans as they were introduced to Usher not being faithful. Even though the relationship ended pretty rough, Ushers album became the second top best selling album of 2000's decade in the US (
In my opinion, it just goes to show that relationships are very hard to control in the industry when your entire life is set on pleasing your audience. I believe that if you can find someone that is worth giving your all to, then take the time and build a strong relationship with them. if you can build a strong relationship, then nothing can come between the two of you. Below, are a few couples who are continuing to develop and build their relationship within the music industry.

Jay-Z & Beyonce (above)

Swiss Beats & Alicia Keys (to right)

Timbaland & Monique (bottom right)

Snoop Dogg & Shante (below)

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