Love vs. Music

In the music industry, can an artist/client manage a positive and respectful relationship, as well as build a successful career for themselves?

Building a relationship defines taking the time and commitment out of one's life to discover an unconditional love between themselves and another person. It requires learning and falling in love with everything the significant other has to offer, and building a strong trust within each other; kind of like music. The significant other plays a special role in a persons life because they are represented at the top of the throne above, or along side music. They can also help build the other person's career based on “having your back,” and getting the things that need to be done, done.
A (truly-focused) artist is married to their music. They are focused on producing, advertising, and critiquing their music to its best, so that he or she may publicize well put-together tracks. Nothing can come between an artist and their music except love. Love makes you do stupid things. As an artist, relationships can make or break a career depending on how the artist interacts with the other person.
Artist are known for writing about love and hate that is involved within their relationship. That music can be accepted as an award (compensation) through out the music industry. On a good note, this can improve the artists fan base by relating to stories that other people go through when dealing with relationships. 

I once heard a man say, “If I gave love up, music would repair my soul. But, if I gave music up I wouldn't have a soul. –Anonymous

I feel that music is born in your heart and that love is to be discovered and built within your heart. You can have love for someone, but not be in love with that person. Unlike music, you can dislike a melody, yet fall in love with the instruments that make the composition. In conclusion to answer the question, “In the music industry, can an artist/client manage a positive and respectful relationship as well as build a successful career for themselves?”
I think that if a person feels that he or she can build a relationship with another person, (and the other person know how much work and commitment that an artist/client has to go through to get to the top) than he or she can build a great relationship amongst one another. But, if that person (the significant other) can’t see that it takes commitment to music and trust to a perfection of the relationship, then they (the artist and significant other) should not be in a relationship. 

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Aris "ComplexliSimple" B. said...

GREAT ARTICLE, This is definitely a topic that is spoken about quite often in the entertainment industry a lot. I would love to see more development on this topic as a whole. Maybe a mini study to show how LOVE does prevail?!?

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