Singing is my Passion

Many African Americans who begin singing usually start from the church. They have grown up in sunshine band, purity, and adult choirs so singing has become a way of expressing their voice. Latrice Michelle Price has been inspired by God to pursue her career in music. She comes from a musical background so singing is natural to her. Price has grown up in church and continues to sing for the Lord. As a child, she joined the Sun Shine band of Ford Memorial, Church of God in Christ in Lubbock, Texas and began becoming a lead singer. Price has impacted a lot of people with here voice. She says that her voice inspires and motivates the people who listen to her quoting that, "music is so inspirational and can be so uplifting in all situations."
Price is also a positive person in her community. She is dedicated to influencing people that interact with her whether it be children or adults. She has become an encouraging person who has focused her life on helping others believe in God spiritually and embracing him with their hearts emotionally. Price is a lead soprano in her group Y.A.H.W.E.H., which spreads the gospel of Jesus through song and ministry amongst listeners. Y.A.H.W.E.H. has travelled across Texas ministering to Christians about the joy that the Lord has brought them. They are also working on their first album and which is planning to be released sometime this year. 
Price enjoys coming from a Christian singing family because it has helped her grow into a very mature God-like individual. She said that her family is proud of her for never giving up on God and encouraging her to pursue her music career no matter what. If she believes in God, then she can achieve greatness. Latrice Price now attends Agape State Temple were she continues to inspire people with her magnificent voice and hopefully encourages people to follow in God's path.

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