I do it for the Ladies

Have you heard of Cioni Brasco? if not, he is an up-incoming R&B singer who attends Full Sail and will BLOW you away with his smooth relaxing voice; but it's for the ladies... I had the opportunity to interview this future millionaire song writer/producer and talk about his life as a singer and where he wants to take his music abilities. 

CJ: When did you start playing and performing?
CB: I started playing music when I was 11 years old… the alto saxophone was my first actual instrument I learned to play, and when I reached high school I decided to actually start the piano. 

CJ: What desires your passion to pursue music?
CB: My passion lies in the way the music makes you FEEL… I have always been told I could sing, but when you come from a huge family of singers… it’s tough because in that particular world, what you do isn’t necessarily that amazing b/c everyone on my mother’s side could sing for the most part… But the feeling I would get when performing in high school talent shows, and the way you see people respond, when they can identify with the passion you bring on stage, is something… is a feeling… that nothing else quite comes close too…

CJ: Are there any musicians that influence you via on television or within the community?
CB: Absolutely! I love so much music, but since I started with R&B, I love the harmonies of older music, the Boyz to Men, New Edition; I also grew up listening to Luther Vandross. As far as today’s music, I’d have to say I try to ignite the passion of the ladies, as LL Cool J does, which is how I got my moniker as “The Ladies Choice." I try to bring the energy as Ryan Leslie and the excitement I feel when I create my music into the actual final mix and the third artist is Tank because I believe he embodies the traditional r&b with the older r&b we’re familiar with hearing.

CJ: Give us an overview of your mix-tape you have out right now.
CB: Its just exactly what you said, a "broad overview" of the type of music I do. You got some club bangers in there... u got radio music in there... also R&B joints... so I think it's just a nice mixture of what I do... I have a mixtape coming out called "swagger music" and i have one coming out called "the ladies choice" and my actual album when it drops is called "finally romance" so "the ladies choice: where romance meets swagger" is a combination of the three.

CJ: Do you want to make your music a career or just a hobby?
CB: Well I think once you actually invest money into your music, and you receive money back in some way, shape or form, it ceases to be a “hobby” and becomes an actual business. From there, the difference between it just being a business to becoming a career, is just making that “business” your complete focus; I’m already an accomplished songwriter. I came to Full Sail with certain things already on my resume, I’m just here expanding my knowledge.

CJ: What do you feel your music brings to the music industry?
CB: This is actually easy... My music differs from other artist because while a great artist like Drake can actually tell you a story musically, and make the listener feel like they are actually witnessing the story before their eyes, My music actually brings the listeners, mainly the women into the story so now, not only can they visualize what I’m saying, they feel like I’m saying it to them… huge difference.  I have a personal connection with every person that listens to my music so they almost feel like I’m having a conversation with them.

CJ: Are there any artist you would like to work with in the future ?
CB: Lots... besides LL Cool J, Ryan Leslie and Tank, I love Kevin Cossom, Big Sean, Kanye... but I’m just open to the experience of creative artists..

CJ: What does your music usually talk about?
CB: Love, sex, passion, and romance.

CJ: How often do you perform and where?
CB: I’m not performing at the moment while I’m in school but towards the end of graduation, next spring I’ll be back at it.

CJ: What has been the most inspiring moment so far?
CB: Selling thousands of copies on I-tunes and proving to myself that I can actually DO this.

CJ: What type of audience are you going towards?  
CB: Ladies, ladies, ladies… I’m “the ladies choice”!

Cioni Brasco is a great musician and look forward to seeing him at the top. For more information on Cioni, you can visit his website at or check him out on YouTube as well.

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