Association of Music Producers

Looking for an association to join that provides information about becoming a successful engineer? Well AMP is here to meet your needs

The Association of Music Producers is an organization that’s dedicated to educating members about production and creation within the music industry. Founded in 1988 AMP continues to provide information needed to meet the qualities of a professional music studio.

One of the major influences this association has with the music industry is showing music producers how to take correct steps in advertising their music. Amp provides you with information about spec sheets, music development/demos, timing, and how to run a studio. The association breaks down each process and answers all of the questions a music producer might have in mind. They also give you a precise background about knowing your rights to your music. AMP allows you to interact with other members via online and also workshops provided by the organization. During conventions contest or held for producing music/beats that are rewarded with compensation.

AMP also provides great programs for members associated. They are well involved with fund-raising, increasing awareness and respect for our industry, educating the public on our value, and other programs that are increasing the knowledge amongst many who don’t know about producing music. 

As I build my studio I look for this association to be a guideline to my success. AMP benefits me with knowledge on how to put a studio together and the law behind everything I research such as production guidelines, and composer royalties, a compensation or portion of the proceeds paid to the owner of a right

AMP has connected with over 80 members/companies nationwide and has chapters in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Miami, and Los AngelesIt will continue to break boundaries and strive for greatness as well as insure that music producers will learn what it takes to become a successful engineer.

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