RSS is devoted to creating “ideas worth spreading” across the country. I listened to Steve Jobs talk about his life and how he overcame obstacles to get where he is now.

Steve talked about connecting the dots in his life, love, and death. When he was born, Steve was put up for adoption and later went on to live with foster parents. He grew up and went to college but later dropped out because he felt that the classes he was involved in didn’t meet what he wanted to pursue in his career.  Steve and his friend began building Apple computers and in 10 years later established a well-known company.

Steve mentioned falling in love with what he has a passion for. He had been fired from his own company, (Apple) but still desired making computers so he began another company and continued doing what he loved best. One quote that he mentions said, “The heaviest of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.” Steve never gave up on what he had a passion for.
Steve also talked about death and how he overcame his situation. He had cancer but thanks to doctors, who worked on him, cured his sickness right away. Steve took away from that to have courage and intuitions on what you do in life and never give up on your dream
Listening to Steve helps me realize that I should never give up on my goal. I really have a passion for music so as love as I desire it in my heart, then I will continue to push for making a positive impact in the music industry. I must continue to keep faith in my mind, a positive attitude, and strive for glory. One thing that Steve taught me that I will never forget is to “keep looking forward and never look back.” 

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